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Back in Action! Derek Garcia kicks off the 2013 season at Oceanside.

(Boston, MA) – The 2013 season kicks off for the newest QFm Pro Derek “DG” Garcia this Saturday at Ironman Oceanside 70.3. We caught with the Coeur d’Alene native to see how the winter training has gone, how things have been at camp with his team the Triathlon Squad, and starting a new season completely healthy.

How has your winter training been going in the lead up to the opening race of your 2013 season?

DG: I took a nice break after Ironman Arizona last year. Once I started up again there was definitely new challenges with our third son being born, but we have adjusted quite well and training got right back on track.

What areas have you been concentrating on most in the offseason?

DG: I have spent a lot of time on swim technique as well as getting leaner. Truthfully, each discipline I have been making small improvements, hoping they will add up to big gains.


How has training been going with the Triathlon Squad since you joined them? What do you enjoy most about the squad aspect of your training and how do you think it helps.

DG: Training with the Squad is great. I absolutely love the crew as well as working with Coach Paulo guiding our sessions. I usually can push myself quite hard when I am alone, but I seem to always get more out of my body when I see that the person next to me is hurting, but still willing to do one more rep.

You had a new addition to the family this offseason. You must be very excited. How do you manage professional triathlon alongside of having a family. How does this help you on race day?

DG: Bottom line is that we are committed as a family. My wife Shannon is my biggest fan, supporter, encourager, and even there to knock some sense into me if I get down on myself. I know what we are doing is not the norm, but that is going to make it all the more rewarding when we succeed. On race day, all I can think of is being an example of what I will expect out of my boys. The chance to tackle those little guys after a hard race is always motivation.

This season has to mean a lot to you after coming back from some pretty tough news early in the 2012 season. Can you expand on this a bit.

DG: Going through the whirlwind of being diagnosed, treated, and moving past testicular cancer feels almost unreal now. I am so thankful that it turned out the way it did, but know that many will go through so much more. If I can bring hope to one person or family based on what I went through, it will all be worth it. This year, we are in the process of putting together a foundation (DG Foundation) where the goal is to bring awareness and help families that deal with the results of cancer diagnosis and treatment.


There are a lot of people, family, friends, and supporters that have helped you along the way to get to this point. Are there any particular ones you would like thank?

DG: My list of sponsors has grown this year which I am incredibly thankful for. My community in Coeur d’Alene has overwhelmed me with support. My family and friends are on board and unwaivering. Two individuals, my friends and mentors Dee Fraser and Scott Burkhardt have supported me in such a way, that without their support, I would not be here.

If your out at Oceanside this weekend, be on the lookout for Derek and say hello.

You can follow Derek on Twitter at @dgar5
You can visit Derek’s website at derekgarcia.com

AJ Baucco Partners with Stages Cycling

(BOSTON, MA) – We are excited to announce that QFm pro AJ Baucco has partnered with Stages Cycling.

“We’re stoked to be working with AJ,” said Matt Pacocha, Stages Cycling’s marketing manager. “He does things a bit differently and we see value in that. He’s got a little more edge on the outside, but somehow balanced his rockstar image—yes, he was literally a rock star in another chapter of his life— with an introspective ethic that places high value on education. While this licensed mathematics educator won’t be at the head of a classroom any time soon, we do expect he’ll be a valuable resource in teaching multisport athletes about the value and usefulness of training with Stages Power.”

“I’m incredibly excited to establish this new partnership with Stages Cycling. Racing and training with power has become a necessity for me, however, I have never truly been satisfied with any other power meters. They lack versatility. They can be very unreliable, difficult to install, and hard to maintain. Stages Cycling is literally a game changer. Their power meter is tiny (stuck right on the backside of the crank arm). It can easily be switched between bikes with the same crankset. It couldn’t be easier to install, and it is very reliable. This company will surely change the way people view power meters. No more clunky rear hubs or intricate systems. This is as simple as it gets!” said Baucco about his new partnership


we believe power measurement is paramount to cyclists’ and triathletes’ training regimes, regardless of discipline. Most importantly we believe power-based training should be accessible to all enthusiastic cyclists, even those on a budget. We also believe that power meters should be simple, robust, and not force cyclists to make major concessions in terms of weight, aesthetic, or crank choice. From our business’ stand point we place high value on our domestic assembly, and we strive to consider the environmental and social impacts of our company’s actions.
Website: www.stagescycling.com
Twitter: @StagesCycling

QFm signs pro triathlete Derek Garcia!


(BOSTON, MA) – QFm is excited to announce the signing of pro triathlete Derek Garcia.

Derek “DG” Garcia’s path to professional triathlon was anything but traditional. He originally came from an athletic background in baseball, basketball, and football. Eventually focusing on baseball, he had the opportunity to pursue it at the collegiate level after receiving multiple scholarship offers. In the end he decided to decline them and take a break from sports for a while after becoming a bit burned out from competitive sports. After some time off and Ironman coming to his hometown of Coeur d’Alene, ID, Derek’s athletic passion and competitive spirit was re-ignited and the rest was history. He had found his new sport and after 6 years of hard work and multiple successful trips to the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii as an amateur in 2010 and 2011, Derek got his pro license. 2012 marked his first season as a pro, where he also began working with coach Paulo Sousa and the Triathlon Squad. Unfortunately in May of 2012 Derek’s pro career was stopped in it’s tracks when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After making a full recovery, Derek was able to begin racing at the end of 2012 and he competed at Ironman Arizona. 2013 will mark Derek’s first full pro season. He is healthy, fired up, and poised to leave it on the course at every race.

Derek had this to say about signing with the QFm label, “I am very excited for my new partnership with QFm. Having a like minded quality team that is supporting me in reaching my goals gives me great confidence.”

“Derek is the type of athlete that you just want to support and root for the moment you meet him. He has an inspiring story, he is a family man, he puts in the hard work, makes sure to be a strong part of his community, and just truly loves to compete and race at the top level. QFm is privileged to have the opportunity to represent him.” said Sean Walter, owner of QFm.

“The possibilities seem endless in 2013 now that I am healthy. I am incredibly thankful for a new year and I am looking forward to the opportunity to race against the best athletes in our sport.” Garcia added about the upcoming 2013 season.

You will find Derek opening up his 2013 campaign at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside next month.

To read more about Derek Garcia on QFm, click here.

To visit Derek Garcia’s athlete website, click here

For any press or sponsorship inquiries for Derek Garcia, please contact Quietly Fierce Media at qfm@quietlyfierce.com

ABOUT QFm  is a Boston, MA based sports agency specializing in management, sponsorship, and promotion of professional endurance athletes.

Copyright  Brent Curry

Copyright Brent Curry

Chris Boudreaux Partners with BMC Switzerland

Boudreaux partners with BMC

(BOSTON, MA) – QFm is excited to announce that Portland, OR based Pro Chris Boudreaux has partnered with BMC Switzerland. Boudreaux will be exclusively racing and training on BMC TT and road bikes. Look for him out on the race course in 2013 rippin’ on the timemachine TM01!

“After riding a TM01 all last season, I knew there was only one brand I wanted to work with going forward. It’s hands down the best time trial bike I’ve ever ridden, and the road bikes are equally as impressive. Looking forward to a great 2013 and beyond with BMC.”, said Boudreaux about his new partnership.

“BMC is thrilled to have such a great partner in the Northwest.” said Karim Pine, US General Manager, BMC

BMC Switzerland, Swiss Quality Bikes for racing and mountain biking.
Website: www.bmc-racing.com/
Twitter: @Ride_BMC

AJ Baucco partners with Swiftwick Socks

(BOSTON, MA) – We are pleased to announce that QFm pro AJ Baucco has partnered with Swiftwick Socks. Swiftwick is an innovator in designing and producing the best active wear products on the planet, all completely MADE IN THE USA.

“AJ is the kind of athlete that can really elevate a brand. His presence on and off the course is something that Swiftwick admires and causes others to take notice. AJ’s steady increase in the competitive world of triathlon is only going to continue and Swiftwick is looking forward to working with him to achieve his goals.” said Mark Cleveland, CEO, Swiftwick Socks.

Baucco had this add about his new partnership, “I am really excited for the opportunity to join forces with Swiftwick. I absolutely love the fact that Swiftwick socks are made in the USA. You know that you are going to get a quality product. With the amount of running and cycling I have to do in any given week, knowing my feet are taken care of is a huge deal. They have so many different options depending on weather, sport, and style. I travel a lot for training/racing, so it was important to many different options. The Pursuit Four was perfect when I was running long in the cold Ohio weather, and the Aspire One has been perfect for the hot and humid hard runs in Florida. Swiftwick literally has a sock option for every single preference. I am really looking forward to a great year running and riding in the best sock in the industry.”


Swiftwick’s vision is to be the leader in sock technology while creating a culture focused on manufacturing the best products through environmentally friendly means, social responsibility, and superior customer service. MADE IN THE USA
Website: www.swiftwick.com
Twitter: @swiftwick

AJ Baucco signs exclusive sponsorship with Wattie Ink.

(Boston, MA) – QFm is excited to announce that QFm pro triathlete AJ Baucco will be Rockin the W at races across the country this season after just signing an exclusive apparel partnership with Wattie Ink.


“We’re excited to sign yet another great athlete to the Wattie Ink. brand. AJ is a great athlete and fantastic ambassador that fits our brand like a glove. I am honored and excited to be working with AJ this season and look forward to seeing him Rocking the W at races,” says Wattie Ink. President & CEO, Sean Watkins.

“QFm is excited to announce this partnership between AJ and Wattie Ink. We believed from the beginning that this was such a natural fit for both sides. Wattie has done a great job over the past few years developing his truly unique brand and apparel line. We are honored to add the prestigious Wattie Ink label to our list of QFm athlete sponsors and look forward to working together. 2013 is going be a huge year for AJ and Wattie Ink! Look for AJ rockin his custom W apparel all over the country!” said Sean Walter, CEO of QFm.

About Wattie Ink.
Visit wattieink.com

Baucco teams up with Jesse Kropelnicki for Coaching and Nutrition

(BOSTON, MA) – QFm PRO AJ Baucco recently decided change things up a bit and team up with coach Jesse Kropelnicki and QT2 Systems for all of his coaching and nutrition going forward.

“Deciding to partner up with QT2 and train under the guidance of Jesse Kropelnicki was a no brainer. He is someone that has been taking elite athletes to the next level for a long time. I like that every part of his training is calculated and serves very specific purposes. Jesse knows the sport and knows how to get athletes ready to give 100% on race day. It was a tough decision to leave Paulo Sousa and The Triathlon Squad, but it was the right choice. I plan to start making the switch to longer races (including Ironman) in the near future, and I am quite confident that Jesse will be the person to take me there. I’m very excited to see where this partnership will take my career.” said Baucco.

Kropelnicki had this to say about adding AJ to his elite group of pros, “I look forward to working with Aj given his great potential as a long course athlete, and his commitment to the sport as a full time professional. I work with a small group of athletes so that I can provide a high level of support, and enjoy working with athletes beginning early in their career to develop their god given talent carefully over the long haul. Aj fits this bill and also seems prepared to make the sacrifices that are required to succeed as a true professional. I think we will make a lot of progress working together as a team. Aj joins my 2013 PRO squad of 12 athletes.”

To read more about AJ Baucco on QFm, click here.

To follow AJ on Twitter, click here.

For more information or sponsorship inquiries for AJ Baucco, please contact Quietly Fierce Media at sean@quietlyfierce.com.

ABOUT QFm  is a Boston, MA based Digital Media, Branding, Management & Marketing Agency for Pro & Elite Endurance and Multisport Athletes. For more information about the company or QFm athletes, please send inquiries to sean@quietlyfierce.com

ABOUT QT2 Systems   qt2systems.com

Laying it all on the line. Baucco ready for 2012.

(Boston, MA) – We spoke with QFm pro AJ Baucco today about his upcoming 2012 season, which begins this Sunday in Miami Beach, FL at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. This season marks AJ’s first full season competing at the professional level. Check out what Baucco had to say about his offseason, training camps with the Triathlon Squad, his second season with coach Paulo Sousa and recently joining the USPro Tri Team.

QFm: What have you been up to this off season?

AJ: This off season has been incredibly productive. After the end of the 2011 season, I went right back to work laying down some serious base fitness. I’ve spent the winter with The Triathlon Squad in training camps or in Tucson, Arizona with a few other young pro triathletes. I’ve also recently signed with pro triathlon team, USPro Tri for the 2012 season. My other sponsors include Rudy Project, XX2i, Fleet Feet Sports, Blueseventy, Powerbar and UniqueTri.com.

QFm: You have met up with the Triathlon Squad for a few camps over the past few months, can you talk about them a bit. How did they go, what did you focus on, what are your takeaways from the camp.

AJ: I’ve spent a total of 6 weeks in training camps this winter. The first camp was 2 weeks in Las Cruces, NM. And, recently, I completed a month camp in Poway, CA. This winter has been the best winter of my career. I’ve been very healthy and focused, and The Triathlon Squad has kept me working my ass off for the majority of the off season. We have some new young guys on the squad this year, and they have absolutely changed the way I train. We push each other every single day. We have all become very close friends and the training environment is incredibly positive. Having some new guys to train with has taken my swimming, biking, and running to the next level. I am excited to be the fittest I have ever been coming into a race season.

QFm: Talk a little bit about your coach and the way you work together. You are now in your second season of being a member of the Triathlon Squad. How has this worked for you both individually and from a team perspective?

AJ: This is my second season with Paulo Sousa, and I feel like we are both starting to really hit our stride. Paulo has made the appropriate changes to my training, and the result has been a healthier and more productive winter training block. It has also been important to have several other athletes to push me in all of my training sessions. I couldn’t be in a better place right now. The Triathlon Squad continues to grow, and I think the triathlon world will be well aware of us by the end of the year.

QFm: Your season opens this weekend in Miami at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. You must be pretty excited to get back out on the course. How is everything feeling, what are you looking to do out there on Sunday.

AJ: I am beyond excited to race this weekend. For the first time in my triathlon career, I have started to focus a bit more on short course racing, and I am excited to see how it translates. Racing is the only reason that I spend most of the year training hard. Nothing else matters right now. I am healthy, prepared, and I am mentally ready to put it all on the line. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, race day is the most important day of my life… it’s do or die. For this race, I have zero time or place expectations. I don’t even plan to race with a watch. My only focus will be beating every single person possible. As long as there is someone racing in front of me, I will be gutting it out to catch them.

QFm: Any other thoughts or advice for other triathletes out there? Any good off season training stories to share?

AJ: Triathlon isn’t the most complicated sport in the world. My training advice for any triathlete is to be as consistent as possible. Every day offers the opportunity to get better. It is the athlete’s choice to seize those opportunities or let them slip away. My racing advice is a little different. Racing isn’t the time to worry about being consistent or predictable. It is a time to lay it all on the line. Racing is the one and only opportunity where everything counts. It shouldn’t be feared. It should be completely embraced. It’s always important to remember that triathletes are human, and anyone is beatable on race day.

And regarding some off season stories, I have plenty of good stories to tell. As long as someone buys me a round, I’d be glad to talk their ears off.

QFm: Any shout outs to sponsors or friends?

AJ: I am really looking forward to racing for USPro Tri this season. The team has some great companies supporting it, and it is made up of a lot of great athletes from a part of the country that doesn’t get enough athletic recognition. The team has three professionals from Ohio alone! I am also very excited to be representing Rudy Project / XX2i for another year. They make the best helmets and eyewear in the business. I also wouldn’t be able to make it to the races this year without both of my incredibly supportive local Cleveland sponsors, Fleet Feet Sports and UniqueTri.com. This winter has been one of my best off seasons and I owe a lot of that to my friends and training partners. The Triathlon Squad is my family. I love those guys and gals. I’ve also had some great training partners in Tucson, AZ this winter. The TriCats have been awesome riding/running partners and Puerto Rican ITU stud, Omar Velez has also been a fantastic training partner.

Big year coming up! Good Luck in Miami on Sunday!

Doug MacLean kicks off 2012

(Boston, MA) – QFm pro Doug MacLean is about to kick off his 2012 season this weekend at Leadman 125 in Las Vegas, NV. We caught up with Doug for a few words about his offseason training, opening weekend of racing and a little bit of RunDMCRacing knowledge on Weezy and Yeezy.

QFm: First race of the season in Las Vegas this weekend, it has been a long time since IMAZ, what have you been up to over the past 4 months?

DOUG: After IM Arizona, I took 2 weeks totally off from training. The highlight of my “offseason” was going back to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-OSU game (Go Blue!). After that, I went to California for all of December, and stayed with my friends Sam and Maggie, up in Palo Alto. In January, I returned to Tucson, and I’ve been here ever since.

QFm: Where has the focus been this offseason? Where do you feel you have made the most gains?

DOUG: In terms of training, I’ve really just been swimming and biking for the last 4 months (living the life of a professional AquaBiker!!!). My running volume has been ridiculously low, so that I can have the time and energy to work on getting to T2 faster. I’ll get serious about running again after Leadman.

My swimming speed hasn’t improved much, but I’m MUCH more durable in the water now, which is very important. Also, my bike legs are feeling pretty strong right now, so I think that will suit me well on a course like Leadman.

QFm: Being out in Tucson, you have had the luxury of some great training partners. I know you have done a fair amount of training with pro Angela Naeth and Chuckie V. How has this helped you?

DOUG: Well, I won’t go on about it too much, because Angela and Chuck already know how important they are to me in terms of my development and training. On another note – Ethan Brown just got out here for a 2-month training block in preparation for the Olympic trials. We always have a good time during winter training camps.

You know? It’s funny…. I kind of hate Tucson itself, but I have a ton of friends here (Ethan, Angela, Damon, A.J., etc…). I think that means I gotta figure out a way to get them all to go somewhere else next winter. Australia, maybe? Haha!

QFm: Last season was all about getting your pro card and then starting to race at the Pro Level. How are you feeling as you head into your first full season as a Pro? What have you learned from the past season’s races and where are you looking to take it this season.

DOUG: I always raced Age Group races as an “Individual Time Trial”. What I learned in the second half of last year is that the pro race is a RACE. You’re not racing against the clock, you’re racing against other athletes. I still don’t have the speed to mix it up with the top-level guys like Crowie, Macca, etc.. but I’m working on developing those abilities, and I’m looking forward to racing more aggressively this year.

QFm: A little off topic but I always look to you as my bellweather for what’s trending in the rap community, what songs are currently on the RunDMCRacing training mix?

DOUG: Well, #1 on my playlist right now is “Juke It”, by TJR. It’s hott!!!! I’m also really liking Lil’ Waynes mixtape “Sorry 4 the Wait”. And “Watch the Throne” is easily the best album to come out in the last 7-8 months. I could listen to Kanye all day. The production on some of his albums is absolutely brilliant.

Also, just today, Dev released her new album in the US. I’m actually about to download it, and I recommend you do the same. I’ll bet you a coke that it’s freaking awesome. She’s the next big female name in booty dancing music.

QFm: You have built up a nice list of sponsors over the past few seasons, any shout outs to them and other friends and supporters as you begin your 2012 campaign.

DOUG: First of all, a big thank you to Cliff Keen Athletic. I just got my 2012 racing kit from them, and it’s DOPE!!! Big shout out to Tom Keen for taking care of that. Also, Mary Kunz and the staff at Lifetime Fitness have been great in terms of getting me set up to race Leadman, so I’d like to thank them for that.

Also, a big thank you to Blue Seventy, Rudy Project, Clif Bar, Inov8 and Schwalbe Tires!

Now… it’s time to start focusing on goin’ hard in the paint this Saturday!!!

You can catch Doug at the following races this upcoming season:

MAR 31 Leadman 125 Las Vegas

MAY 06 Rev3 Knoxville

JUN 03 Ironman 70.3 Mooseman

JUN 16 Vestal XX

JUL 08 5150 NYC Triathlon

JUL 22 Ironman Lake Placid

AUG 19 Ironman Mt. Tremblant

SPONSORSHIP NEWS: Chris Boudreaux signs multiyear partnership with Blue Seventy

(BOSTON, MA) – QFm is excited to announce that pro Chris Boudreaux has signed a partnership with Blue Seventy for the 2012 and 2013 season.

Chris Boudreaux Blue Seventy

Chris had this to say about his new partnership, “It’s a great opportunity to be able to work with Blue Seventy this season. I appreciate their commitment to the sport, and their commitment to providing the highest quality wetsuits, swimskins, and race apparel in the world. It’s a huge comfort going into races knowing I have every advantage I can get in the water.”

“We at Blue Seventy pour a tremendous amount of time testing and pushing the limits of fabrics and design to come up with our products. We are excited to work with someone like Chris, who also is very discerning about product choices and seeks the best equipment to help race his best. We are looking forward to an exciting 2012!” said Ryan Vanderloop of Blue Seventy.

To read more about Chris Boudreaux on QFm, click here.

To follow Chris Boudreaux on Twitter, click here.

For more information on Chris Boudreaux, please contact Quietly Fierce Media at press@quietlyfierce.com

ABOUT BLUE SEVENTY  is a New Zealand based company, with offices in Napier, New Zealand, Seattle, WA, USA, and Derby Uk. We are proud of our history as an industry leader in technical performance products. We take our name from the simple fact that 70% of the world is covered in water. It’s our mission to make products that enhance the experience of swimming for everyone who wears blueseventy. www.blueseventy.com

ABOUT QFm  is a Boston, MA based Digital Media, Branding, Management & Marketing Agency for Pro & Elite Endurance and Multisport Athletes. For more information about the company or QFm athletes, please send inquiries to press@quietlyfierce.com